February 11, 2013

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I decided it was time to try making my own laundry detergent.
At first I thought the idea of it was kinda stupid when you can buy it at the store, then the more I saw it on Pinterest...of course, the more I wanted to try it.
So I started looking at all the different recipes and sorting thru what I did and didn't like.
I decided to use a powder recipe I found on BumbleBee Bags website as a guide. I only changed a few things.
Here is the link to the original recipe I used as a guide for mine.
20 Minutes and 20 Dollars for a years worth of Laundry Soap!!
I used Zote vs Fels Naptha (I'm a sucker for pink. ;-)) and I didn't add the oils to mine. I like to be able to change the smells thru the year.
My next task will be trying to make my own laundry crystals...
So I actually ended up with my own recipe I guess. This is what I used:
1 4lbs box of Borax
1 4lbs box of Arm and Hammer Soda
1 3lbs box of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
1 3lbs Tub OxyClean
3 bars Zote Soap
So I went to my local Walmart and got all the supplies I needed. It was $23.99 before tax for the ingredients.
I also bought some clear plastic gallon and quart size containers to keep it in. I wasn't sure how many I would need, so I bought extra.
I shredded the Zote with a cheese grater and then mixed everything in a giant bucket and then blended it together in my Magic Bullet.
It did take a while to blend because I could only do a little at a time but it worked great!

I made most of it for myself but I did package up a few containers to give to friends so they could test it out too. So far it's been good!

I use 1-2 tablespoons per load depending on what I'm washing or how big the load is.
I don't know how long the batch will last so I can't give you a break down on the price per load. But I was cheap to make and I'm sure it will last way longer than what I was using before.
I would love to hear about your experiences with making your own soap!!!

November 28, 2012

Christmas Christmas Christmas

I've started working on my Christmas Decorations for this year!!! So excited!!
So far all I have is my sign...

November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Door Hanger

So I cut out a pumpkin and had this great simple idea. Just paint it and put a "S" on it and be simple and cute...
Well it turned out plain and boring. Blah. So I had to spice it up...so much better now!!!

July 19, 2012

One of my item featured on a blog

Just wanted to share that one of the items from my Etsy shop MeMarie Boutique was posted on a blog today.
Elisha Marie Jewelry posted "Tastes of Teal and Turquoise from Texas Esty Team" and featured one of my sweat towels. 
Go see!
elisha marie jewelry

Thank you!!!

July 4, 2012

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!

My front door wreath!
Appliqued star t-shirt

April 18, 2012

Happy Humpday!

Just a few quotes for the day. Happy Humpday!!

April 16, 2012

Front Door Wreath

I love big over the top front door wreaths. It just shows so much of someone's personality before you even see inside their house!

So I made my own!!
It's not too big but has lots of color and character and personality to it.
I bought everything I needed from the craft store. The wooden S was unfinished so I painted it white then added the polka dots. Once it was ready I set it where I wanted it to go and just kind of filled in the bottom of the wreath with flowers.
I used all colors because I'm indecisive and couldn't come up with a color scheme I liked. ;-)
But I think it turned out great! Perfect for me and my home!!